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Text 3. Police Techniques

I. Read and translate the text.

The police is helped in its work by the Forensic Science Service. The Service provides the police with the results of the investigation of material evidence, such as blood, semen, hair roots or tissue. It is called DNA profiling. Besides, it provides advice on firearms used in the crime. It also offers training to overseas scientists. The Forensic Science Service is computerised and well-equipped.

II. Questions to be answered.

1. What service is the police assisted by?

2. What technologies does the Forensic Science Service use?

3. What services does it offer to investigators and overseas scientists?

4. Is the Forensic Science Service well-equipped?

Text 4. The Right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press

I. Read and translate the text.

Freedom of speech and the press are the fundamental personal rights, or liberties.

There is no democracy without freedom of expression. Yet, it is impossible to grant every citizen complete freedom of expression for reasons of pornography, obscene forms of expression, sabotage and calls for a violent overthrow of the government.

Censorship may be a way out, but it is difficult to make it always objective.

II. Questions to be answered.

1. What is the connection between freedom of speech and democracy?

2. Why is it not possible to grant every citizen complete freedom of expression?

3. Is censorship always effective?

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