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Duties and Responsibilities of the Police Officers.

Sir Robert Peel was a British Conservative statesman who served as Home Secretary and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the 19th century. He helped create the modern concept of the police force, and now police officers are known as “Bobbies” (in England) and “Peelers” (in Northern Ireland). The police force in London was founded in 1829.

Police officers work in partnership with the communities; they serve to maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their property, prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for all citizens. They use a wide range of technology to protect individuals, identify the criminals and ensure successful prosecution against those who break the law.

Police officers duties and responsibilities can vary from day to day. They can often range from highly dangerous and highly physical work to paper work or desk tasks. A police officer is expected to carry out the commands of his supervisors and to enforce the law ethically in the area under his jurisdiction. The police officers:

- Patrol assigned areas, whether on foot or vehicle. During his patrol, a police officer can look for any suspicious activity, such as broken window, and can provide quick assistance for anyone who needs police help.

- Reprimand and arrest individuals who have broken the law, for example, writing tickets or apprehending persons and taking them to jail. Apprehending and arresting persons can be dangerous and could involve violence. Police officers also may be asked to escort prisoners to court or other locations.

- Control crowds and traffic during events and help aviod accidents.

- Investigate a crime or suspicious incident: interviewing witnesses and suspects. A patrol officer might also work with detectives or other police personnel to complete an investigation.

- Keep records, fill out forms and other necessary documentation.

- Render basic first aid in emergency.

- Respond to calls that require police assistance.

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- Testify in court.


Exercise 12

Answer the questions to the text:

1.What do you know about Sir Robert Peel?

2.When was the police force in London founded?

3.What are the main functions of the police?

4.In what way do police officer's duties vary from day to day?

5.What does a police officer do during his patrol?

6.What can you say about the role of a police officer in arresting people?

7.What do the police officers do during different events?

8.What is the role of a police officer in investigating crimes?

9.What does a police officer do in emergency cases?

10.What is the main function of a police officer in the court?

Exercise 13

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  11. The police are __________ the bank robbers.


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B) Fill in the blanks with the correct word-combination | Writing. Write a summary of the text, using phrases from Unit 2 exercise 27.

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