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Complete the collocations in this report of a rugby match.

Cambridge were happy to (1) ...................... their last match 6:0. Oxford the opposing team, put up a good (2) ......................................... and some people thought they (3)….. to win. They were fearless in (4) .............................. their opponents, but every time they took (5) ………..of the ball, Cambridge managed to win it back. Cambridge have now (6)……….a place in the next (7)…………….of the competition. They will undoubtedly come up against some fierce (8)……. However, they have already managed to (9) …an interesting world record by having four members of the same family in their winning team.

9. Fill in the missing words from the list. Use the words only once.

dedication, competitive, determined, violent, careful, accurate, courage, dangerous , graceful, brave, team spirit, cooperative

1. The main quality a footballer needs to have is….

2. It is also important to be … and willing to do what other members of the team suggest.

3. Running is my favourite sport. It's… and you have to be…to win.

4. "John, you are so… Ice climbing is an extremely… sport."

5. When parachuting, you need to be very…. especially when landing, or you might hurt yourself. You need to have…to jump out of a plane in mid-air.

6. People who shoot or do archery must be very…if they are to hit the target. They also need a lot of……if they want to be the best.

7.Ice hockey can be a………sport as the players often fight, but they can also look as …as dancers as they skate around the rink.

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