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Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.


1 A: Is Ann in the room?

B: Yes. I can see her __________________ (dance) with her husband over there.

2 A: Did you see the robber?

B: Yes. I saw him ______________ (get) into the car and drive away.

3 A: Is John here today?

B: Yes. I heard him ________________ (talk) on the phone as I walked past his office.

4 A: Colin is good at speaking in public, isn’t he?

B: Yes. I heard him ________________ (make) a speech last month. It was excellent.

5 A: I walked past the sports centre today.

B: So did I, and I stopped for a moment to watch some boys _____________ (play) football.

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

My neighbour, Mr. Mason loves (1) _________________ (spend) time in his garden. He would rather work outside than stay indoors, even when it is snowing! Early in the morning, you can (2) _________________ (see) Mr. Mason (3) ___________ (eat) breakfast in his garden, and late at night he is there again, with a cup of cocoa in his hand. I’d like (4) _________________ (help) sometimes when there is lots of work to do, but Mr. Mason prefers (5) ______________ (do) everything himself. He doesn’t mind (6) ______________ (get) cold and wet in the winter, and his wife says it’s no use (7) _____________ (try) to make him wear a waterproof jacket because he hates (8) ________________ (wear) them! Mr. Mason says he will go on (9) ____________________ (garden) until he is too old (10) ______________ (do) it!

Complete the sentences, as in the example.

Example:John said, ‘I didn’t take the money.’

John denied taking the money.


1 Alice said, ‘I hate travelling by bus.’

Alice complained about _____________________ by bus.

2 My father said to me, ‘Don’t come home late,’ but I didn’t listen.

My father warned me about __________________ home late, but I didn’t listen.

3 There is no point in asking Denise to the party as she’s so busy.

It is not worth _______________ Denise to the party as she’s so busy.

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4 Philip started to laugh when he heard the joke.

Philip burst out __________________ when he heard the joke.

5 Lucy doesn’t like people to phone her late at night.

Lucy objects to people ______________ her late at night.

6 I’d rather stay in bed than get up early at the weekend.

I prefer _______________ in bed to getting up early at the weekend.

7 Joe said it was my fault that he missed his bus.

Joe blamed me for __________________ his bus.

8 Although he had hurt his hand, Don still did his violin practice.

Despite _______________ his hand, Don still did his violin practice.

9 Could you carry my case for me, please?

Would you mind _______________ my case for me, please?

10 I wish I hadn’t missed your birthday party.

I regret _______________ your birthday party.

31 In turns use the words in the list to make up a story using the –ing form or infinitive forms. Cross out the words used each time so that you will not use them again.


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Cross out the unnecessary words where necessary as in the example in the first line. | Like love manage mind write threaten hope must start finish hate regret avoid arrange afford look forward to want can’t stand decide

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