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(изучающее чтение)

There are hundreds of professions to choose from. It’s a very difficult and important choice. That’s why such things should be thought of in good time and we must take into account many factors. First, we must consider our personal taste and our kind of mind. Secondly, we must think of the requirements of our society and people’s need in one profession or another.

My future specialty is connected with agriculture. I didn’t make a blind choice. It was my father who aroused my interest in that field. He is an engineer. I also got interested in the matter and entered The Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University.

I’m a first year student. I study at the agromechanical department. Our department is the oldest department of the University. At present the department trains mechanical engineers. My future specialty is a mechanical engineer. Today’s farming is highly developed. Many agricultural processes are mechanized and the most modern farm machinery may be used now.

Farm equipment mechanics make sure that farm machinery operates correctly. They maintain, repair and install machines used for planting, harvesting and other farm activities. They check equipment, clean parts and tune engines. This helps to ensure that farm equipment will be working correctly when it is needed. When a piece of farm equipment is not working correctly, mechanics must figure out what is wrong. They use testing equipment to find out where in the engine the problem is. They watch the engine while it is running to find any loose parts or leeks. When the problem is found, farm equipment mechanics replace the worn and broken parts.

The students of our department are specializing in technical support of farm production processes, farm machinery design and production.

They study the following specialized subjects: “Tractors and vehicles”, “Agronomy”, “Technology and mechanization of livestock production”, “Engineering mechanics”. Students are taught high technologies of plant growing and livestock production, design of agricultural and mobile power devices.

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Specialists are trained to work at agricultural enterprises of different forms of property: industrial enterprises, processing plants, in project-design, scientific research commercial organizations and educational establishments.

During the process of studying the students have an opportunity to get professions of a driver, a tractor-driver, farm equipment metal worker.

I shall try to do my best to become quite knowledgeable in the field of agriculture.

My purpose today is to acquire enough knowledge to be a well-educated person in order to meet the future needs of the nation.



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