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Each of the words in bold is in the wrong sentence. Write the correct word.

1. All twelve members of the witness were convinced of Davidson’s guilt. 2. I don’t think I’d ever break a serious crime. 3. If the school laws aren’t written down anywhere, how are we supposed to know what they are? 4. A psychiatrist was called as an expert judge during the trial. 5. If a parent smacks a child, that’s an example of commit punishment. 6. Everyone should have the jury to a fair trial. 7. If you sentenced the law, you deserve to be punished! 8. Governments must be allowed to introduce, change and scrap bystanders. 9. Can you imagine what it’s like being justice for years in a cell? 10. It’s very important that capital is seen to be done. 11. Another phrase for‘right punishment’ is ‘the death sentence’. 12. The spy was imprisoned to life imprisonment. 13. A number of rules watched the robbers speed off in a getaway car. 14. ‘Silence in court!’ shouted the corporal angrily.

Complete the sentences using the correct form of the phrasal verbs in the box.


Break out bring in chase after go off

Come forward hold up look into make off


1. So many witnesses have… that it will take days to interview them all. 2. The two robbers … on a motorbike. 3. Police are … allegations of corruption in the mayor’s office. 4. The government is thinking of … a law to allow on-the-spot fines for hooligans. 5. A robber has … three banks in town in the last week. 6. They spent two years planning their escape before they finally … of prison. 7. The policewoman … the pickpocket, brought him to the ground and finally arrested him. 8. Luckily, the bomb disposal squad defused the bomb before it… .

Study the list of crimes given below. a) Fill in the table grading each crime from 1 (not very serious) to3 (very serious).

Cheating in an exam
Computer-hacking (illegally entering a computer server)      
Fare dodging (travelling by public transport without a ticket)      
Shoplifting (stealing things from shops)      
Piracy (illegal copying of music, films, programs)      
Speeding (driving too fast)      
Vandalism (e.g. spraying graffition walls)      

b) Use the ideas below to discuss your answers:

Интернет реклама УБС

It’s / It’s not (really) ... annoying /common/ dangerous/ serious / breaking the law / committing a crime

It’s totally ... dishonest/ immoral / wrong / unfair to other people

Everybody does it.

It can lead to more serious crimes.

It causes a lot of damage.


Put each of the following words from the box into its correct place in the passage below. Each word may be used only once.


hostel custody released offence

appeal defendant interfere bail

abscond course approved court

refused substantial Scotland trial

original Wales judge grant


Most accused people are … on bail pending …. They are not remanded in ... except where strictly necessary. In England and ... the court decides whether a … should be released on bail. Unconditional … may only be withheld if the court has … grounds for believing that the accused would: …; commit an …; … with the witness; or otherwise obstruct the … of justice.

A … may impose conditions before granting bail. If bail is …, the defendant may apply to a High Court ... or to the Crown Court for bail. In … the accused may apply to the court that made the … decision, and has the right of ... to the High Court of Justiciary.

In some cases a court may ... bail to a defendant on condition that he or she lives in an ... bail or probation / bail… .



headquarters Accidents efficient scene

Witness Crime sent clock

detection criminal helmeted trusty

contracted Deaths Map relics

ascertain notified record detective


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