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Complete each sentence with a word or phrase from the list below. Use each item once only.

Put each of the following adjectives in the correct space in the passage below

wet • dry • hot • mild • freezing • changeable • cold • warm • clear • cloudy

I always watch the weather forecast on television to see what tomorrow's weather will be like. In England the weather changes very often. It's very (a) ___ . Sometimes it rams for a day or two, but after the (b) ___ weather, often with noisy thunderstorms, it is sometimes (c) ___ for a long time, with no ram at all. On some days the sun shines and the sky is (d) ___ , but on other days it is so (e) ___ you can't see the sun. English summers aren't usually very (f) __ but the temperature usually reaches 25°, so it's quite (g) ___ . In winter it is sometimes quite (h) ___ and pleasant but sometimes it's very (i) ___ or even (j) ___ . The English, climate isn't very good for holidays but it makes the countryside green


Finish each sentence on the left below with the correct verb on the right

(a) We get wet when it (1) shines.

.(b) When it's very cold, everything (2) rains.

(c) Children enjoy playing games when it (3) blows.

(d) It's cold in England when a north wind (4) freezes.

(e) It's warm and pleasant when the sun (5) pours.

(f) When it rams very heavily, it (6)snows


Complete each sentence with a word or phrase from the list below. Use each item once only.

changeable dark clouds bitterly cold global warming

cut off heavy rain gust of wind struck by lightning

hot spell turned out mild climate weather forecast

sticky we're in for pouring down widespread damage


1. This area has got a fairly .......... so we didn't expect the temperature to fall so sharply.

2. A ........... blew my hat off and sent it flying across the road.

3. Tomorrow's weather will be .............. with sunny periods and scattered showers.

4. The rain came............... and we got soaked to the skin.

5. Some scientists claim that the unusual weather is the result of .............

Интернет реклама УБС

6. The hurricane swept through the islands, causing .............. .

1. Many villages were .................................... by heavy snow drifts and emergency supplies had to be taken in by helicopter.

8. That blackened tree over there was ........... during a violent thunderstorm.

9. It was so hot and ............. during the day that we soon got worn out if we tried to do any hard physical work.

10. If this .............. continues, water will have to be rationed.

11.In the distance, ............... covered the sky and you could hear the rumble of thunder.

12.It's .............. nice again, hasn't it?

- Yes, it has. Let's hope it lasts.

13.It looks as if ................ a spell of showery weather over the next few days.

14. It was so ................. that I kept the central heating at maximum and put on a heavy pullover.

15. Due to ................ the pitch was flooded and the match had to be abandoned.

16.According to the .............. the maximum temperature today should be about thirty degrees


4. Choose the right word from a couple of similar looking ones. Change word forms if necessary.

1. (slush, sleet)

a) The ... under my feet was awful. I had an impression that I was walking through a muddy sea.

b) The rain changed into .... Wet snowflakes were falling on the ground and melted there.

2. (ice drift, snowdrift)

a) The path was hedged by two long .... They were like two mountain ranges.

b) The ... started at night. In the morning the children ran to the river to look at the huge blocks of ice drifting across the water.

3. (icing, icicle)

a) There was heavy... on the road and all cars were moving very slowly.

b) After a thaw there appeared ... on the edge of the roof; they looked like sparkling needles.

4. (frost, hoarfrost)

a) Tree branches were covered with ... and the forest looked enchanting and somewhat mysterious.

b) The ... was biting the nose and the cheeks. It was im­possible to stay long in the street.

5. (draught, drought)

a) Severe ... killed the crops. Not a drop of rain fell on the ground for a month.

b) When the door opened, the ... blew off the papers down on to the floor.

6. (to freeze, to be freezing)

a) In winter all rivers and lakes in these parts always ....

b) The temperature was quite low and I felt that I ....

7. (blizzard, drizzle)

a) Boring ... spoiled the day. It was too wet and dull.

b) The ... was blinding us. Snowflakes were swirling in the air.

8. (light, lightning)

a) There is not enough ... in the room. The table should be moved closer to the window.

b) The ... split the sky into two parts. A deafening thunder crack followed.









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