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Jack London Quiz.

Choose the correct alternative to complete some statements about Jack London's Biography.

1. Jack London's real name was
  a) b) c) Samuel Johnson John Graham John Griffith
2. His family belonged to
  a) b) c) aristocracy working class middle class
Jack London is the writer of
  a) b) c) adventure stories detective stories love stories
He described some facts of his own life in his autobiographical novel
  a) b) c) Martin Aden Martin Eden Martin Idan
London's literary career lasted
  a) b) c) for 20 years for 16 years for 10 years
During his life he published
  a) b) c) about 50 books about 40 books about 30 books
His first successful stories were published after he returned from
  a) b) c) Siberia South Africa Alaska
Among his many professions are
  a) b) c) a factory worker and a sailor a journalist and a sailor a teacher and a postman
One of his most famous short stories is called
  a) b) c) White Tail White Skin White Fang
In some of his novels the main characters are
  a) b) c) people and dogs people and cats people and sea animals

TASK 1. Sort out the sentences below, put them in correct order and read about some facts from Jack London's biography.

A. As a young boy he worked at various hard jobs, among which was a sailor, a factory worker, a fisherman.

B. At the age of 19 he became acquainted with socialism and was known as Boy Socialist of Oakland for his street corner oratory.

C. John Griffith London (1876 - 1916) was born in San Francisco of an unmarried mother, Flora Wellman.

D. He was very fond of reading and he chose to become a writer to escape from horrible prospects of life as a factory worker.

E. He was married twice and had two daughters from his first marriage.

F. He studied other writers and began to send his own stories, jokes and poems to different magazines.

G. His first stories were published in 1899.

H. He travelled widely across the Pacific and even spent some time with gold-diggers in Alaska.

I. His first literary works were no success.

J. In 1876 Flora married John London, a Civil War veteran.

K. Because his works were translated in several dozen languages, he remains more widely read in some countries outside the USA than in his home country.



TASK 2. Are you an attentive reader? Read the summary of lesson 5 and find 13 factual mistakes in it. Correct the mistakes.


Mrs. Setliffe moved through the big rooms of her house. She was looking for a book of poems. When she turned on the light she saw a stranger. In his hand was a knife. She asked the man what he wanted. He answered calmly that he wanted the money. He said he had come to rob her father's house. He explained that some years ago old Mr. Setliffe took a factory from him, and now his friend needed money badly. Mrs. Setliffe asked the man to stay and have a cup of tea with her. She thought that it was very interesting to have a robber in her own house. They sat down at the table besideeach other and the robber put his gun on the table. He told the lady his sad story and she believed every word of it.Suddenly Mrs. Setliffe took the gun and called her servant. She asked the servant to call the police. The man and the woman looked into each other's eyes. The robber seemed to enjoy that moment. But the man knew that the lady would not kill him because it was hard to kill a man. So he left the room without saying a word


TASK 3. Fill in the table with missing forms of the words.

  Noun Verb Adjective Adverb
1.   to move    
2.     dark  
3. mistake      
4.       bitterly
5.     exciting  
6.   to lose    
7. servant      
8.     dangerous  
9.   --- cold  
10.   to name    



TASK 4. Read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning.

Example: (0) unusual


Murder Mystery Weekends


Would you like to try something a bit (0)...? Are you tired of doing things that you find (1)... ? Then why not go on a murder mystery weekend! On a murder mystery weekend, you're a (2).... You assemble at a hotel with your fellow guests. (3)... afterwards, one of the guests is "murdered". (4)... are not quite what they seem. Who are the real guests and who are in (5)... actors? You have to solve the mystery and find out who the (6)... was. There will be a series of cleverly (7)... clues to help you do this, and you will have to use all your mental powers to work out who committed the (8)... crime. These weekends are very popular, so it's (9)... to book early, because places on them are (10)... up very quickly. USUAL BORE   DETECT SHORT APPEAR REAL MURDER HIDE SHOCK ADVISE SALE



TASK 5. Do you know the difference between TO WAIT and TO EXPECT?


to wait (for sb/sth) – ждать, дожидаться (кого-либо, чего-либо)

to expect (sb/sth) – ожидать, предполагать (что что-то произойдет)


A.Fill in the blanks with the proper form of TO WAIT or TO EXPECT

1.You are late again. We ... here for half an hour. 2. We must... till it stops raining before we go out. 3. I .. Julian to dinner yesterday but he did not come. 4. The train is late, so we'll have ...5. Don't… me to call on you tonight. 6. You can't... them to do the work in a day, it's too difficult for them. 7.The visitorswere kept... in the reception room as the director was busy. 8. The sea was rough and the sailors ... the storm at any moment. 9. Oliver did not.. anything good from his brother who had always disliked him. 10. Let's ... them at the entrance to the theatre, shall we?

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