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As he was moving through the big rooms and wide halls of the strange house, he felt a bit nervous. He was afraid in spite of the gun in his hand. He went on telling himself that he was no ordinary robber: his friend needed money badly so he had come here to take what was really his. He suddenly remembered his friend’s words: “What is right is not always legal.”

He entered the dark dining-room but then the light came on and he stepped back and cried out. In front of him stood a woman who asked ironically if he had lost his way. The woman added that she was very excited as she had never met a robber before. She asked the man to stay and explain the whole thing to her. She took her seat at the table and placed him on the other side of it. He put the gun on the corner of the table between them, but he was in a strange house and did not know that under the table, near her foot, was an electric bell.

A few minutes later when the man was going to leave the room she suddenly took up the gun. At the same time she pushed the bell with her foot. The door opened behind him, and a servant entered the room. The man did not even turn his head but without saying a word he was looking into the woman’s hard cold eyes. When the servant left the room to call the police, the woman enjoyed the moment. She already saw the newspapers with the story of the beautiful young Mrs Setliffe who had caught a dangerous robber in her own house. She said she hadn’t believed a single word of the man’s story and asked him, when he was in prison, to think of the lesson she had taught him. With his eyes on the woman he stood up slowly and started moving towards the door. Mrs Setliff began to pull the trigger but wasn’t able to shoot. It turned out to be difficult to kill a man.

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