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Theme 7. Credit system and the credit market

The competence to be formed:ОК-4;ОК-5;ОК-11;ОК-13;PK-13;PK-8;PK-13

Results of development:

To know:

1) Theoretical and methodological bases construction of credit systems;

2) Concept and structure of credit system institution;

3) Theoretical and methodological bases of construction of bank system and the central bank of issue;

4) Characteristics of the credit market: concept, structure, credit products etc.

Be able:

1) to Analyze credit system proceeding from the wide list of the aspects connected with its functioning;

2) to state an estimation to various concepts of creation and functioning of the central banks of issue;

3) to state an estimation to structure and making elements of bank and credit systems.


1) the Terminology, providing guidance on the credit market and credit system;

2) Methodology of an estimation of various aspects of credit relations.

Educational methods

Lectures – 4 hours

Practical training – 4 hours

Independent work of students – 6 hours

Forms of current control - Poll, the decision of problems, testing

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