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Theme 9. Bank system and its functioning

The competence to be formed: ОК-5;ОК-6;ОК-12;ОК-13;ОК-14;PK-1;PK-4;PK-7;PK-9;PK-10

Results of development:

To know:

1) Essence and value of bank system;

2) Principles of classification of bank systems and banks;

3) the Order of activity of the Central banks as basic regulators of bank system;

4) Content and main principles of a monetary and credit policy of Bank of Russia.

Be able:

1) to state an estimation to various kinds of banks and bank systems;

2) to state an estimation of a role and to value of the Central bank as basic regulator of bank system;

3) to Analyze a monetary and credit policy of the Central bank taking into account wide a spectrum of aspects of its realization.


1) Methods of an estimation and forecasting of results of a monetary and credit policy of Bank of Russia;

2) Tools of a monetary and credit policy of the Central bank;

3) Ways of an estimation and classification of bank systems, bank associations and separate banks.

Educational methods

Lectures – 2 hours

Practical training – 4 hours

Independent work of students – 8 hours

Forms of current control - Poll, the decision of problems, testing

Essence of bank system.Set of bank institutes and not bank credit organizations. Elements of bank system: the credit organizations, a bank infrastructure, the bank legislation. The credit organizations: the central bank, commercial banks, not bank credit organizations. A bank infrastructure: information support, scientific and methodical maintenance, communication and personnel maintenance. Features of bank system: has national and regional specificity; high system risk at simultaneous possibility of interchangeability of elements; dynamism; system of the "closed" type; self-organized and operated system. Integrity, stability, purposefulness, flexibility, uniformity, efficiency, reliability, an optimality and elasticity of bank system.

Types of bank systems.The distributive (centralized), market and transitive bank system. Historical examples. National, regional, international and world bank system. Features of modern bank system of Russia. Principles of its construction: unity, dual standard, a state regulation and self-regulation combination, independence of Bank of Russia of other authorities; monopoly of monetary issue, non-interference of the state to operative activity of the credit organizations; licensing of bank activity, preservation of bank secret, stability. The credit organization, bank, not bank credit organization, bank group, bank holding. System of insurance of contributions. Independent payment systems (SWIFT, VISA, MasterCard, Amex and so forth). The auditor organizations. The factors influencing the general condition of bank system of the Russian Federation: level of capitalization of banks, presence of internal resource base, credit use in real sector of economy, bank management, system of internal control, a condition of the world credit market.

The central banks as the centers of regulation of bank system. Directions of mutual relations of the central banks with the commercial: storage of reserves, granting of credits, realization of supervision of bank system and the financial market, intermediary in interbank calculations. The Central Bank as the main settlement and reserve center of national bank system. Regulation of payment and settlement systems at national and international levels. Definition of legal bases of functioning of bank system. The Monetary and credit policy. Tools of monetary and credit regulation. Units of monetary weight under the version of Bank of Russia. Monetary and credit policy tools: regulation of the official interest rate; regulation of norms of obligatory reserves; operations in the open market; an establishment of direct quantitative restrictions; an establishment of reference points of growth of inflation (inflation targeting); operations РЕПО. Organizational structure of Bank of Russia and its function.

Monetary and credit policy of Bank of Russia. Official discount rate. Operations of refinancing of banks, system, an order and conditions. Refinancing mechanisms: crediting on the security (blocking) of securities from the pawn list of Bank of Russia and crediting on the security of bills, the requirement rights under credit contracts and-or guarantees of the credit organization. Categories of credit of Bank of Russia: intraday, овернайт, pawn, credits under pledge and the guarantee, credits on the security of bills, the requirement rights under credit contracts or under the guarantee. Conditions of reception of credits of the Central Bank. Direct quantitative restrictions: an establishment of limits on refinancing of banks and on carrying out by banks of concrete credit operations. Specifications of the obligatory reserves deposited by banks in Bank of Russia. Operations in the open market with securities and currency interventions. Targeting of monetary weight and inflation targeting: comparison by efficiency. Exclusive monetary issue. The organization of payment system and calculations.

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