Answer the following questions to make up a story about yourself and your family.

1) What is your name?

2) Where and when were you born?

3) Where are you from?

4) Is your family large?

5) How many persons are there in your family?

6) What can you say about your relatives? Do you have any?

7) Where do you live?

8) What is your fathers name?

9) How old is he?

10) Where does your father work?

11) What is your mothers name?

12) How old is she?

13) What is your mother?

14) Have you any brothers or sisters?

15) What can you say about your brother (if you have)?

16) What can you say about your sister (if you have)?

17) What are your grandparents? Are they retired?

18) Where do they live?

19) Where do you study?

20) What year-student are you?

21) Do you like your future speciality?

22) Have you any friends?

23) What is your hobby? What do you like to do most?

24) How do you spend your weekends?

25) Are you a happy family? Do you love your family?


You want to get a job. Fill in this:

1. Name

2. Family name

3. Place of birth

4. Country (Where do you live?).

5. City

6. Age (How old are you?)..

7. Profession (occupation)..

8. Married or single

9. Children.

10. Your wifes (husbands) occupation.

11. Your hobby.

12. What kind of job would you like to have?..............................................................


Discuss the following topics:

1. Speak about your parents.

2. Speak about your relatives on your mothers side.

3. Describe your uncles or your aunts family.

4. How many distant relatives do you have? Discuss some of them.

5. Speak about your idea of an ideal family.


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