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Agree or disagree with the following statements using the expressions. Give the right answer.

For agreementFor disagreement

That’s right I don’t agree with you

I agree with you I wouldn’t say so

Sure You are wrong

Quite right No, I don’t think that’s correct

1) In early 1960’s there were only three faculties.

2) The academic year lasts for ten months.

3) The students’ campus is located in the downtown.

4) There are over 6000 students and 40 chairs at the Academy.

5) The Academy is situated in six buildings.


5. Use these word-combinations in your own sentences:

1) to take tests and exams;

2) to contribute to;

3) to graduate from the Academy;


6. A delegation of students and teachers from Cambridge are on a visit at your Academy. You are asked to tell the guests about the Academy. Present information on:

1) the name of your Academy;

2) its location;

3) the faculties and departments at your Academy;

4) the academic year;

5) the number of students at the Academy;

6) the subjects you study;

7) the students’ hostels;

8) what you like and what you don’t like about your Academy.

The main building of the Academy



Unit 3 The United Kingdom

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Answer the following questions to make up a story about yourself and your family. | The United Kingdom

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