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Match the two parts of the sentences.


1) Maoris were … Wellington

2) New Zealand is a member of … Maoris

3) New Zealand is an island country … by Europeans in 1642.

4) The capital of the country is … a large island group called Polynesia.

5) About 12 per cent of the country’s population are … the Commonwealth of


6) The country was discovered … the first people who settled in New Zealand.

7) New Zealand belongs to … in the south-west Pacific Ocean.


Put in the missing words according to the text.

1) About 85% of the population is classified as … .

2) New Zealand is predominantly an English-speaking country, though both … and … are official languages.

3) Like the United Kingdom New Zealand is a … monarchy.

4) New Zealand has one of the highest … of living in the world.

5) The main industries of the country are … , … and … industries.

6) … were the first people who settled in New Zealand.

7) Moreover, Auckland and Wellington are considered to be the main … of the country.



Choose the correct verb for each blank.

belongs, is taught, is situated, exports, came, was discovered, draws

1) The country … by Europeans in 1642.

2) The country … on two main islands (the North Island and the South Island) and several small islands.

3) They … from Polynesian islands located northeast of New Zealand.

4) New Zealand … to a large island group called Polynesia.

5) New Zealand … wool, meat and butter.

6) New Zealand … many thousands of tourists to its shores because of the beauty, diversity, and compactness of its natural attractions.

7) The Maori language … at a number of schools.


6. Give Russian equivalents to the phrases:


1) unique vegetation and animal life

2) one of the highest standards of living in the world

3) a land of great contrasts and diversity

4) the spectacular snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps

5) deep glacier lakes

6) one of the world’s developed countries

7) with ministers responsible for different aspects of government



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New Zealand | Read the text. Make the plan of the text from the following sentences.

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