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Test 20 (B)

Mixture. Decide which answer A), B), C) or D) best fits each space.

The Mice Meeting

Once upon a time a number of mice called a meeting to decide upon 1 of getting rid 2 of a cat that

had killed many their relatives. Various plans 3 and rejected, 4 at last a young mouse proposed that a bell 5 round the tyrant's neck in future so that they 6 of warning of her movements and therefore time to escape. The suggestion was received 7 by nearly all, but an old mouse who had sat silently 8 to the talk for some time, got up and said: "While I consider the plan 9 a very clever one, and feel sure that it 10 to be quite successful if carried out, I should like to know which brave mouse 11 to put a bell 12 the cat?"

MORAL: It is 13 to make a suggestion than carry 14 out.


1. A) the best means B) best means C) best mean D) the best mean of   2. A) themself B) themselfs C) themselves D) themselvs   3. A) discussed С) was discussed B) were discussing D) were discussed   4. A) until C) as far as B) unless D) as long as   5. A) will be hung C) should hang B) will hang D) should be hung   6. A) would have plenty C) would had a plenty B) would have a plenty   7. A)joy C) joyfulness B)joyful D) joyfully 8. A) listen C) listened B) listening D) and listen   9. A) to be C) is to be B)be D) is being   10. A) will prove C) would prove B) will be prove D) would be prove   11. A) is going C)go B) are going D) goes   12. A) on C) to B)at D)up   13. A)easy C) more easier B) more easy D) much easier   14. A) no one C) there B)it D) somewhere

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