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1. Control of education

- control, administration and funding of education at three levels – federal, state and local; goals of education, the ideal of equal opportunity in education, the principle of mass education for all;

- history of American schools.

2. Primary and secondary education

- grades/levels of schooling – pre-school, elementary/primary school, middle school, high school, public schools and private schools;

- basic curriculum structure: a core curriculum of required basic subjects, common types of electives; types of high school diploma.

3. Standardized tests

- nationally administered standardized tests to measure a high school student’s chance of academic success in the first year of college – the SAT and ACT.

4. Higher education

- categories of higher education institutions : the university, consisting of several undergraduate colleges, and graduate and professional schools; the 4-year college, the 2-year community college;

- public and private institutions, the Ivy League universities, religiously affiliated universities;

- types of degree courses: core courses, major courses, minor courses, elective courses; types of academic degrees; the credit system.





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