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1. According to the first speaker what is his favourite pastime? There is nothing better than riding on horseback on a hot sunny day with a little breeze in the country where the first speaker lives.

2. Why is the first speaker keen on crafts? All things he makes relax him, not to mention that he gets a bit of satisfaction from having made something useful.

3. What problem does the first speaker have because of his favourite pastime? The only problem is that he has put on a lot of weight, because he can’t help eating crisps and other snacks while watching.


1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about. This text is about especially gifted children. They feel different to other children of their age. They have to study with people who are older than them. But they must be allowed to stay children.

2. Ruth Lawrence was a gifted child. Read aloud the extract which says about her. (2 абзац) Ruth Lawrence, from the UK, became famous at the age of 12, when she began her studies at Oxford University. She was the youngest student ever to attend a university in the UK. Before going to university, Ruth was taught at home by her father. While she was a student, her father was always by her side. He attended all her lectures with her. Ruth did very well at Oxford. She got a first class degree in mathematics. Now Ruth is a mathematics professor.

3. What kind of problems can wonderkids have? They can become lonely, lazy & behave badly because they are bored.

4. What should parents and teachers do for their gifted children? Parents have to help their children develop but they can’t push their child too hard. Parents & teachers should motivate them & allow them to be children.


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