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Exercise14. Tom Blake went for an interview for a job as a sales manager. Report each stage of the interview below in separate sentences. Combine the sentences to make a story.

Mr. Johnson Good morning, Mr Blake. Please take a seat. My name’s Harold Johnson. Would you like a cigarette?

Tom No, thank you. I don’t smoke.

Mr. JohnsonWould you mind answering a few questions? First of all, when did you leave school?

Tom Six years ago.

Mr. Johnson And how much experience of selling have you had?

Tom Not very much … you see, I’m still studying at university.

Mr. Johnson Mm … I’m sorry, Mr Blake, but since you’ve had so little experience we can’t take you. Why don’t you apply again when you’ve finished university?

Tom Mm … I see … all right, I’ll do that. Thank you all the same.

…Mr. Johnson greeted Tom and invited him to take a seat.

Exercise 15. Report the following conversations.

A. "How can I lose weight?" Alan said.

"You mustn't eat sweets or oily food. You can eat potatoes, though. You should also get plenty of exercise," said the doctor.

"Shall I join a gym?" Alan said.

"You needn't join a gym. You can go jogging every day," said the doctor.

Alan asked his doctor how he could lose weight ……………………………


B."How can I get a job?" Jane said.

"You can look through the newspapers at the job advertisements. You can also go to the Job Centre. I'm sure they could find you a job," said Julie.

"Shall I go to a private employment agency?" said Jane.

"You could, but it will cost you a lot of money and you don't have much," said Julie.

Jane asked Julie how she could get a job ……………………………………


C. Sally: I’ve bought a car. It’s being delivered tomorrow.

John: What kind of car is it?

Sally: It’s a sports car. It was very expensive.

D. Martin: Can you help me? I need some advice.

James: What’s the problem?

Martin: I don’t know what to buy my mother for her birthday. I want to get something special.

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A: Mum, please, will you let me stay at Sally's house tonight?

B: No, I won't.

A: Why?

B: The last time you stayed there, you stayed up late and you were too tired to go to school the next day.

A: That's true. But we won't do that again.

B: And you were both smoking cigarettes.

A: That's not true! I've never smoked in my life.

B: Well, all right then, you can go, but only if you promise to behave.

Ann was asking her mother to let her stay at her friend Sally's house overnight …




"Oh, I'm sorry to be early, Susan," said Jane.

"Am I the first to arrive?"

"Yes, you are," Susan replied, "but it really doesn't matter.

"No, I am terribly sorry. The babysitter arrived early," said Jane.

"Well, why don't you help me in the kitchen?" said Susan.

"Of course. What would you like me to do?" replied Jane.

"Oh, no! I can smell the sausages burning," Susan cried, "I'd forgotten all about them. I hope they're not burnt."

"You must let me see to them," Jane said. "Go ahead and greet your guests. 1 think I can hear the first ones arriving."

...Jane apologised to Susan for being ........................................



Exercise 20. Notice how the motorist's feelings develop from the beginning towards the end of the conversation. Suggest any words or phrases that would describe the driver's outward behaviour and his/her actual feelings. Enter you suggestions in the table.


Outward behaviour Actual feelings

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