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Test 9 (B)

Simple / Continuous. Choose either the Present Simple or Present Continuous in the following sentences.

A) Present Simple B) Present Continuous


1. He's in the bath room. I (to think) he (to wash) his hair.

2. - Can I speak to your parents, please? - I'm sorry. They (to have) lunch at the moment.

3. I usually (to cook) meals, and my brother (to wash) dishes.

4. Mr. Anderson (to be) an English tourist who (to travel) to Eastern Europe tomorrow. Just

now he (to have) breakfast at home. After breakfast he (to go out) to do a lot of things.

5. She's a school teacher. She (to teach) maths.

6. I (to wear) glasses only for reading and watching TV.

7. On Sundays they (to have) dinner at a restaurant.

8. Oh, I (to go) to work as a nurse in Africa, in Kenya, and I (to look) forward to it because it's

such an exotic country for me.

9. Some pupils are outside. They (to try) to get in.

10. The weather (to be) terrible today.

11. You can't miss him. He (to wear) a white jacket, and he (to carry) a striped umbrella.

12. We (to wear) woollen clothes in winter.

13. We (to organise) a holiday walking tour in the North of Scotland. We (to go) to cover 150 miles

of mountainous country in ten days. It (to go) to be a hard work. We (to go) to be wet, cold and

tired a lot of the time. But it (to go) to be fun!

14. It (to rain) again.

Test 10 (B-C)

Simple / Continuous. Choose either the Present Simple or Present Continuous in the following sentences.

A) Present Simple B) Present Continuous


1. The coffee (to taste) delicious.

2. We (to look for) someone who (to want.) to make money.

3. John (to play) in the school team this season.

4. you (to see) that nice butterfly near the stream?

5. If you (not to listen) to the radio, please (to switch) it off.

6. I (to hear) someone speaking in the next room.

7. We (to see off) our grandparents this morning.

8. Don't disturb him. He (to smell) flowers in the garden.

9. The cook (to taste) the soup to see if it is right.

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10. I (to like) this cake, I (to taste) almond in it.

11. I (not to want) to go anywhere. I (to have) a headache. I (to feel) tired.

12. It (to get) dark. Let's go home.

13. Jane (to have) cold. I (not to think) she'll come to the party.

14. I (to have) my hair cut on Tuesday.

15. The sea (to grow) calmer. We can go to the beach in the afternoon.

16. You (always to make) mistakes in your tests. You should be more attentive.

17. What they (to laugh) at? They (to seem) very happy.

18. I (to see ) my employer on Wednesday morning.

19. Who this suit-case (to belong) to?

20. The world (to change) rapidly in such fields as business, art and medicine.


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