Advantages of Computer Data Processing.

Translate the following sentences

1. Data are processed to become useful information. 2. We use the term data processing to include the resources applied for processing of information. 3. Resources required for accomplishing the processing of data are called data processing system. 4. Processing is a series of operations converting inputs into outputs. 5. Facilities are required to house the computer equipment. 6. Egyptians used the information to predict crop yields. Information to be put into the computer for processing should be coded into ones and zeroes. 8. Processing is operations on data to convert them into useful information. 9. The first machines designed to manipulate punched card data were widely used for business data processing. 10. Hollerith built one machine to punch the holes and the other to tabulate the collected data.

Continuous .

*1.Read and memorize the following terms:

Manual-, ;

to take advantage of smth- -.;

capability - ; ; ;

accuracy- ; ; ();

correctly , ;

to eliminate - ; ; ; ;

to make errors ;

error-prone - ;

to remain vulnerable ;

communications networks ;

travel , , , ;

invalid response , ;

access , , ;

capacity of storage ᒺ () ;

to respond , ;

to retrieve , (), ()

value ; , , , ;

objective , , ;

cost-effective , -;

challenge - ;


*2.Read the following international words and decide which of them are pseudo-friends of and computer terms a translator. Translate them into Ukrainian.

Design, system, communication, office, personal, microcomputer, effective, industrial, manner, second, fraction, manipulation, accuracy, human, corporate, oriented.


*3.a) Analyses given below groups of words with the same root as to their form, meaning and parts of speech.

To manipulate manipulation;

to compute computation computational;

to transmit transmitted transmission;

to enter entry entered;

to eliminate elimination limited;

to communicate communicate communicative;

to store storage stored storing;

vulnerable vulnerability vulnerably;

to reserve reservation reservoir.


*b) Translate the words above, paying attention to their suffixes and fill in the table.

Noun Verm Adjective Adverb


*4. Read the following words and guess the meaning of their variants paying attention to their suffixes and prefixes.

Accuracy: inaccurate, accuracy, inaccurate, accurately;

To respond: respondent, response, responsible, irresponsible;

Correctly: correct, incorrect, to correct, correction, correctional, corrective, corrector;

Invalid: valid, invalidity, validity;

Access: accessible, inaccessible, accessibility, inaccessibility.


*5. Work with your partner to talk about the advantages of computer data processing. Let him/her guess what kind of a computers ability or capability is mentioned.

Student1: à Student2:

1. The possibility of error is reduced. accuracy

2. Data transmission through communications ease of communication speed


4. To process data in a few seconds/a fraction

of a second.


*6. Read the verbs on the right and match them with word-combinations on the left to understand the advantages of computers. Translate into Ukrainian.

To combine a) the capabilities of both humans and computers;

To take b) advantage of four capabilities of computers;

To eliminate c) vulnerable to the entry of invalid data;

To remain d) an enquiry through a data communications system;

To receive e) an instant response;

To provide SMB f) with access to a reservoir of a data base;

To store g) a vast amount of information;

To get h) further manipulation by information;

To make i) computational errors.


*7. Which of the given terms: manner, systems, tasks, data processing system, society can go together with the following compound words? Make word-combinations and give their Ukrainian equivalents. It there is any difficulty, consult a dictionary.

1 Error prone manner

2 Cost effective systems

3 Post industrial tasks

4 Information based society (is used twice)

5 Satellite based data processing

6 Computer oriented


*8. Read the text and state the advantages of computers. Translate it into Ukrainian.



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