Street Children.


There are about 100 mln. young people in the world who call the streets their home. And their number is rising by the hundreds of thousands each year. In Africa they are orphans of civil war or victims of famine, in Latin America and Asia they are victims of poverty. In the countries of the Western world they runaways.

Street children have to look after themselves trying to earn money by odd jobs.

The two most difficult cities in the world right now are Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Bangkok, Thailand. Many of the street children are beaten, raped and sold for sex. They can't turn to the police for help because in some Latin American countries street children are rounded up, imprisoned or killed, just to tidy up the streets for an important foreign visitor.

A lot of teenagers run from home every year. What are the reasons of it? There is usually a lack of understanding on both sides parents and children and problems in communication.

But there is no "typical" runaway. Many come from homes broken by divorce or homes where there is an alcoholic parent. Some run away from parents who beat them.

It's very frightening to be homeless because teenagers dont know where to go, what to eat. They often run into trouble because the world is a very dangerous place. The longer a runaway is away, the more likely he or she is to get into trouble.

There are four main means of survival in the streets: begging, stealing, prostitution and drug dealing. Sometimes it leads to suicide.

There are some organizations which try to protect street children. But unfortunately the number of runaways is rising and the kids are getting younger.


- Say what feelings this article arouses in you.

- What is the main message of this article?

- What is done in Ukraine to help homeless children?

- Exchange your ideas about the main reasons teenagers run away from home, with the others in the group.

- Find out which of your groupmates share your opinions, and whose ideas are different from yours.

- Is the problem of homeless children reflected in the press nowadays?

- Do you think this problem is worth discussing on the pages of youth magazines?

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