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Тема «Family problems»

"Honour your mother and father and you will live long and be well, if not, you will die" — says the Bible. Some families are happy, some are dead. It seems to me the reason is misunderstanding of each other in the family.

One more thing, teenagers can take on most of the rights and responsibilities of adulthood. Before this occurs, however, they go through the period of adolescence and most of them experience conflicts at that time. They change rapidly both physically and emotionally and they search self-identity as they grow up and become more independent.

Sometimes teenagers develop interests and values different from those of their parents. That sets a conflict between two generations, which leads to a gap in mutual understanding. Traditional disagreements are: the time to come home at night, doing work about the house and the friends to spend time with.

I'd like to point out, that teens face a number of problems: drinking alcohol or using drugs. Moreover, some children run away from their homes. Most of them return after a few days or weeks, but some turn to crime and become juvenile delinquents.

I'm convinced that sometimes parents do not care about their children. It is exactly at that age when young people need a piece of advice or help. Different TV programmes and magazines for the young come to their rescue. In case of need you can also dial a special telephone number, the so-called 'telephone of trust'.

But it's not the way out. Parents should help their children and find the right approach to them so as to make everything clear. Being able to view the problems more rationally, they should try to do their best to resolve them. We need to learn to talk our problems over in our family. If we are able to do it, everything will be all right.



1. What does the Bible say about parents?

2. What is the reason of unhappy family?

3. When do teenagers experience conflicts?

4. What sets a conflict between two generations?

5. What problems do teens face?

6. What do teenagers especially need at that age?

7. How should parents help their children?

8. What other means come to their rescue?

9. What do we need not to have problems in the family?


to honour - почитати, поважати, шанувати

dead - одноманітний, мертвий, неживий,

misunderstanding - неправильне розуміння, сварка, сварка, розбіжність

adulthood - зрілість, дорослість; стан зрілості організму

adolescence - підлітковий вік, юність

values​​-гідності, цінності

generation - покоління

a gap - розрив, глибока розбіжність (у поглядах і т. п.); недолік

generation gap - конфлікт, поколінь, проблема батьків і дітей

drug - наркотик

juvenile delinquent - малолітній злочинець

to be convinced - бути переконаним, упевненим

rescue - порятунок

to dial - набирати номер, дзвонити

way out - вихід з положення

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