April Fools Day is named from the custom of playing practical jokes. It is a season when all people are given an exuse to play the fool. In April comes the cuckoo, emblem of simpletons. In Scotland the victim of a joke is ckoo or gowk.


The1st of May was pagan spring festival. It was celebrated with garlands, flowers, dancing, and games. A Maypole wreathed with flowers was erected. The girls put on their best summer frocks, and plainted flowers in their hair awaiting the crowning of the May Queen. The most beautiful girl was crowned with a garland of flowers. After this there was dancing. The dancers dressed in fancy costume represented in the Robin Hood legend. Games were followed by refreshments in the open.


London May Queen Festival has been held since 1880. Visitors from many parts of the world gather in Kent to witness the Crowning of Londons May Queen. Over a thousand children take part. Forty May Queens from different parts of the country are present. Their dresses are beautifully made. The actual crowning takes place at 3 p.m.


There are no special customs associated with Whitsun, the seventh Sunday after Easter Sunday. The Morris men can be seen at Whitsun. The Morris is a rustic merry-making introduced by Eleanor of Castile, wife of Edward 1(1272-1307). The dances are performed by sets of dancers accompanied by tradi4an-Woman, Hobby Horse and the Fool. Basic dress is a white shirt and trousers tied at the knee, ribbons and handkerchiefs.

Queens birthday as a National holiday is celebrated in June;

Scotland observes the spring bank holiday in mid-May; the summer bank holiday in mid-August.


On Bank Holiday, the town folk usually flock into the country and to the coast. They take lunch and enjoy their meal in the open. Seaside towns near London are invaded by thousands of holidays- makers. Bank holidays is also an occasion for big sports meeting. There are large fairs, a Punch show, and bingo. Many Londoners will visit Whipsnade Zoo. There is also much boat activity on the Thames and other rivers.

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