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II. Food

A. Hors d’oeuvre

1. Fondue

2. Stuffed cucumbers

3. Chopped goose liver

4. Caviar

5. Shrimp coctail

B. Salad

1. Caesar salad

2. Bean salad

3. Potato salad

4. Regular tossed salad

5. Chicken salad

C. Fruit

1. Cinnamon apples

2. Baked bananas

3. Strawberries and cream

4. Grapefruit cups

5. Cantaloupe

D. Soup

1. Wonton

2. French onion

3. Fish chowder

4. Creamy mushroom

5. Lentil

E. Rice and pasta

1. Wild rice

2. Chinese fried rice

3. Spanish rice

4. Macaroni and cheese

5. Spaghetti

F. Vegetables (choose 3)

1. Baked cabbage

2. Creamed broccoli

3. Sauteed cauliflower

4. Corn on the cob

5. Steamed mushrooms

6. Boiled green peas

7. Onions and green peppers

8. Scalloped potatoes

9. Mashed sweet potatoes

10. Spinach, tomato, and cheese loaf

G. Main course (Choose 2)

1. Baked stuffed lobster

2. Shrimp teriyaki

3. T-bone steak

4. Beef stroganoff

5. Curried lamb

6. Barbecued pork ribs

7. Fried chicken

8. Sweet and sour pork

9. Broiled turkey

10. Duck with oranges

H. Dessert

1. Chocolate cake

2. Strawberry ice cream

3. Apple pie

4. Lemon meringue pie

5. Blueberry cheesecake

6. Fruit salad

7. Chocolate chip cookies

I. Drinks during meal (Choose 2)

1. Mineral water

2. Soft drink

3. Iced tea

4. White wine

5. Red wine

6. Beer

7. Apple juice

8. Orange juice

J. Drinks after meal (Choose 2)

1. Coffee

2. Tea

3. Hot apple juice

4. Sherry

5. Brandy


Exercise 20

Translate the following into Ukrainian:

1. … they will give you a cup of tea from a silver tea­ pot and on a plate of old china you will find Scotch scones. (S. Maugham)

2. At dinner on Saturday evening he had asparagus and French beans and new potatoes and raspberries, all straight from the garden, and two roast chickens straight from the hen yard. (R. Adams)

3. No Forsyte has given a dinner without providing a saddle of mutton. There is something in its succulent solidity, which makes it suitable to people "of a certain position." It is nourishing and tasty; the sort of thing a man remembers eating. (J. Galsworthy)

(London Illustrated)




Read the following text. Does it give you any idea of gourmet eating places in your own town? Write a paragraph describing your own experience of eating out in your town.

London offers something for everyone, rich or poor. What about your town? At the top of the scale are some of the finest and grandest eating places in Europe, such as the Connaught Hotel. There, in the Grill reached through an elegant porch guarded by a top-hatted doorman, you will find a warmly panelled room, fastidious waiters and superb French and English cuisine. The Chef is famous and the restaurant must be treated with respect - no open-necked shirts or trouser-suits here. You must also be rich enough not to worry about the bill.

For a serious gourmet who also wants a little style, London offers a big choice. The Grill Room at the Savoy Hotel still follows its tradition of classic cooking in the French style, and quiet efficient service. Here one pays not just for the food, but also the bands, the floorshow and the name.

The working Londoner often thinks more of his beer than his food. Many cheap cafes offer the same monotonous menus of 'meat and two veg,' 'fish and chips,' 'beans on toast.' But if you search away from the busy main streets you can find all kinds of places that are highly popular, not only for their price or convenience, but for their food.

The traditional fish and chips cafe is hard to find now in central London. It has been superseded by American-style fried chicken and hamburger bars. But you can still find them. Look down the end of Villiers Street, off the Strand. Under the railway bridge in the most insalubrious surroundings can be found excellent fish and chips. There is no decor or table service. But the service is quick and the place is clean.

In the City of London there are many lunch places. A fixed menu of three courses may cost less than a starter at one of the grandest establishments. Extremely popular with the office personnel, who may have 'luncheon vouchers' from their employer, they provide the main meal of the day; there is a cheerful waitress calling 'love' or 'dear' to her regulars. The food can be unexcitingly English: steak-and-kidney pie, roly-poly pudding and custard. But at least the service is quick, and the bill modest.

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