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Drawing consists of pulling metal through a die. One type is wire drawing. The diameter reduction that can be achieved in one die is limited, but several dies in se­ries can be used to get the desired reduction.

Sheet metal forming

Sheet metal forming (штамповка листового металла) is widely used when parts of certain shape and size are needed. It includes forging, bending and shearing. One characteristic of sheet metal forming is that the thick­ness of the sheet changes little in processing. The metal is stretched justbeyond itsyield point (2 to 4 percent strain) in order toretain the new shape.Bending can be done by pressing between two dies.Shearing isa cutting operation similar to that used for cloth.

Each of these processes may be used alone, but often all three are used on one part. For example, to make the roof of an automobile from a flat sheet, the edges are gripped and the piece pulled in tension over alower die.Next anupper die is pressed over the top, finishing the forming operation (штамповку), and finally the edges are sheared off to give the finaldimensions.

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Sheet-metal forming. | Text C: «METALWORKING AND METAL PROPETIES»

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