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Text D: «DIES»

Dies are tools used for the shaping solid materials, especially those employed in the pressworking of cold metals.

In presswork, dies are used in pairs. The smaller die, orpunch, fits inside the larger die, called thematrix or, simply, the die. The metal to be formed, usually a sheet, is placed over the matrix on the press. The punch is mounted on the press and moves down by hydraulic or mechanical force.

A number of different forms of dies areemployed for different operations. The simplest arepiercing dies(пробивной штамп), used forpunching holes. Bending and folding diesare designed to make single or compound bends. A combination die is designed to perform more than one of the above operations in one stroke of the press. A progressive die permits successive forming op­erations with the same die.

In coining, metal is forced to flow into twomatchingdies, each of which bears a engraved design.

Wiredrawing Dies

In the manufacture ofwire, a drawplate (волочильная доска) is usuallyemployed. This tool is a metal plate con­taining a number of holes, successively less in diameter and known as wire dies. A piece of metal is pulled through the largest die to make acoarse wire. This wire is then drawn through the smaller hole, and then the next, un­til the wire is reduced to the desired measurement. Wiredrawing dies are made from extremely hard mate­rials, such as tungsten carbide or diamonds.

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