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1. Children between the age of 5 and 11 have to go to school, but their parents must pay for it.

2. A man has his house broken into and his television stolen. He goes to the police but they tell him to go away because they have more important things to do.

3. Archie White, a magistrate, has his car stolen. The police arrest and charge the man they think is responsible. The next day the man is taken to court for an initial hearing. The chairman of the justices (the head magistrate) in the courtroom is Archie White. He tells the members of the public that they have to leave the courtroom.

4. Staff employed by Kaput Computers have to start work at 7 in the morning and work until 7 in the evening, with only a half hour break for lunch. They work from Monday to Saturday, and do not get paid leave.

5. A couple wants to have a baby. The government says that the country is overpopulated and tells them that they cannot have a baby yet.

6. A new government tells all public servants that they have to become a member of their political party. Anyone who refuse will lose their job.

7. John Doe is arrested because the police think he has killed someone. Before his trial has begun, a popular newspaper publishes an article about him (complete with photographs of his arrest) with the headline Vicious murderer John Doe caught!

8. Two friends, one white and one black, have been threatened with violence. They go to the police to ask for protection. The police agree to help the white man, but not the black man.

9. A journalist writes a newspaper article explaining why he opposes his country`s foreign policy. He is told by the government that he has become persona non-grata, he must leave the country immediately and never return.

10. A woman who lives in a capital city wants to visit her sick father, who lives 200 km away. She is told that she cannot leave the city to visit him.

11. A poor man murders someone and is sent to prison. A rich man commits a murder in similar circumstances but is allowed to go free.

12. A robber is sent to prison for 5 years. While he is in prison, the government confiscates all his belongings, and then destroys his house.

13. A man travels to another country where he asks to stay because he is frightened of remaining in his home country. He is immediately sent back to the country he came from.

14. The Republic of Istanata has never given women the right to vote.

15. At a party, a woman tells a group of friends that she thinks the government of her country is corrupt and incompetent. The next day she is arrested and never seen again.

16. A newspaper editor dislikes a famous popular actress, he publishes an article about her. The article describes the actress as ugly, stupid and unable to act.

17. A group of about 200 people hold a meeting in a public building to discuss their governments policies. The police arrive and arrest them all.

18. The government intercepts, opens and reads one of their key opponents letters and other mail.

19. A famous political author writes a book criticizing the police. She then leaves her home to go on a tour to promote her book. While she is away, the police start harassing her husband and children.

20. A husband and wife get divorced. The law in their country says that in any divorce case the man automatically gets custody of the children.

21. A woman joins a trade union. The company she works for discovers this and immediately dismisses her.

22. A man loses his job and cannot find work. His country does not offer financial support for people who are out of work.

23. A 17-year-old boy murders someone a few days before his 18th birthday. He is arrested, and six months later the case goes to court. His country has the death penalty for murder if the murderer is 18 or over. The judge sentences him to death and he is executed.

24. A policeman does not like the look of a young man sitting on a park bench, so arrests him, takes him to the police station and puts him in a police cell.

25. The police suspect that a man is a member of a terrorist organization. They hit him, deprive him of food, water and sleep, and burn him with cigarettes until he confesses.

26. A poor man borrows money from a wealthy factory owner. He is unable to pay the money back. The factory owner takes the mans 12 year-old son and makes him work in the factory to pay off the debt.

27. A new government closes all the churches, temples, mosques and synagogues in its country, and forbids anyone from attending services there.

28. A family want to take a holiday abroad, and apply for passports. They are told that they cannot have passports and cannot go abroad.

29. Mr. Smith and Ms Jones do exactly the same job for the same company. They have the same qualifications and the same experience. Mr. Smith receives $35000 a year, and Ms. Jones receives $28000 a year.



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