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Pre-reading task: Skim the text and make its plan.

The process of criminal justice in England and Wales begins when the police arrest a suspect. Then they decide whether they have enough evidence to prosecute – to send the suspect for trial. In serious cases this decision is made by the Director of Public Prosecution, who is a senior law official.

If you are prosecuted for a crime in Britain, you may meet the following people during your process through the courts:

MAGISTRATES. Magistrates are unpaid judges, usually chosen from well-respected people in the local community. They are not legallyqualified. They are guided on points of law by an official, the clerk who has legal training. There are magistrates' courts in most towns.

SOLICITORS. After the accused person has been arrested, the first person he/she needs to see is a solicitor. Solicitors are qualified lawyers who advise the accused and help prepare the defence case. The solicitor may represent the accused in court. A person who is too poor to afford a solicitor will usually get legal aid – financial help from the state.

BARRISTERS. In more serious cases, or where there are special legal difficulties, it is usual for the solicitor to hire a barrister to defend the accused. The barrister in trained in the law and in the skills required to argue a case in court. The barrister for the defence will be confronted by his/her opposite number, the prosecuting barrister, who represents the state. Legal aid is available to pay for defence barristers.

JUDGES. Judges are trained lawyers, nearly always ex-barristers, who sit in the Crown Court and Appeal Court. The judge rules on points of law, and makes sure that the trial is conducted properly. He/she does not decide on the guilt or innocence of the accused – that is the jury's job. However, if the jury find the accused guilty, then the judge will pass a sentence.


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