B) Comment on the letter above. Point out in what it differs from Judy's earlier letters (see the text). Explain the last line of this letter. Is Judy quite serious here?

XVI. Speak about Judy. Describe her as fully as you can. When pointing out this or that trait in her character, give your reasons. (See the text of Unit Five and Ex. XV.).

XVII. Compose dialogues and perform them in class:

1. between Judy and Julia Pendleton about Judy's guardian;

2. between two of Judy's fellow-students about Judy;

Between Judy and the English instructor.

XVIII. Write a composition in the form of a letter describing some of your (or your friend's) experiences as a fresher. Use words and phrases from Essential Vocabulary (I). See also Judy's letter (Ex. XV).

XIX. Try your hand at teaching.

1. Say what you would do in the teacher's positions

Once, after having hastily written an assignment on the blackboard the teacher left the class alone for a few minutes. Upon her return she found several words on the blackboard were circled with coloured chalk. At the bottom was written, "Careless writing, please do over."

2. Practise your "Classroom English".

a) Every teacher is faced with the problem of keeping discipline in the classroom, A teacher should know how to do it to goad English. Describe the teacher's reaction in the following situation:

1) Ann is not paying attention.

2) Ted is standing up.

3) George you can see only the back of his head.

4) Steve finds it impossible to be silent for more than a minute at a time.

5) Jenny is not looking at the blackboard.

6) Peter is sprawled out across his desk.

7) Alison is disturbing the girl sitting next to her.

8) Beth is copying the answer from somebody else.

9) Alan and Paul are arguing about something.

10) Andy the slowest and dreamiest boy in the class.

b) Play the part of a young teacher describing a lesson in a very unruly class to his/her fellow teachers. (See "Classroom English", Section VII.)


1. Listen to the text "A Freshman's Experience", mark the stresses and tunes, repeat the text following the model.

Paraphrase the given sentences.

Extend the given sentences.

Write a spelling-translation test Check it with the key.

Translate the sentences into English. Check them with the key.

6. listen to the text 'Town and Gown" or some other text on the history of English Education. Write the summary of the text. Comment on it in class.

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IV. Write an outline of die letter. (Differentiate between significant and insignificant events described in the letter. Leave out the insignificant ones.) | TOPIC: EDUCATION

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