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Individual Members

· Regular members receive SIAM News; SIAM Review (print and electronic), member discounts on SIAM books, journals, and conference registration fees; and the opportunity to join SIAM Activity Groups.

· Student members have the same privileges as regular members, but at low student rates or possibly free. Postgraduate members may join for approximately one half the cost of regular member dues.

· Other individual memberships are available to individuals who are retired, disabled, or unemployed.

SIAM offers its members many opportunities to exchange ideas and expand their network of colleagues. All individual members have voting privileges. For an application, go to www. siam. org/membership/applications. htm.

Special Rates for Students and Postgraduates

Students are encouraged to join SIAM at the discounted rate of just $23 in 2003. Complimentary graduate student memberships (Master & PhD candidates) are available to those who attend an institution that is an Academic Member of SIAM. Undergraduate students may obtain a free membership in SIAM through nomination by their Academic Member institution. Student members have the same privileges as regular members; in addition, they receive one activity group membership at no charge. Complimentary student members get electronic-only access to SIAM Review.

A special SIAM membership category is offered to postgraduate individuals. It is available for up to three consecutive years immediately following the receipt of one’s highest degree. The dues rate is $54 in 2003 and includes the same benefits as regular membership.

Academic Members

Academic membership is open to degree-granting institutions only. Colleges, universities, and their departmental units receive a selection of SIAM journals that matches their needs, and discounts on purchases of SIAM books; they have the opportunity to nominate undergraduate students for free memberships in SIAM and to form student chapters. Additional information on academic membership, including the list of almost 400 academic members, may be found at ww. siam. org/membership/acadmem. htm. This list is also available upon request from SIAM’s Customer Service Department. For an application, go to ww. siam. org/membership/applications. htm.

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