Floriade World Horticultural Expo, Venlo Region, Holland (April to October)

Floriade is an international exposition of flowers and gardening which takes place every 10 years in the Netherlands. In 2012, its held in the Venlo Region and features 100 participants. The festival takes place between April 5 and October 7, 2012 and has Five Theme Worlds displayed in a 66 hectares park. Each day, there is music, dance, theatre, and graphic art performances. The visitors can sample the food at the stalls or check out the restaurants. Visitors can also enjoy a light show and films at an open-air cinema.

A day ticket (including the cable car) is 30 for an adult and 15 for a child, but you can get a better deal if you purchase a two day ticket (40, 20, respectively). If you dont know which worlds to visit, you can start with the Green Engine with its ultra-sustainable Villa Flora, home to the biggest indoor flower show. Kids will love the Education and Innovation world where they can taste unusual fruit and vegetable combinations or experience life as a bee.

The festival is very popular since it only takes place every 10 years, so make sure to book the accommodation ahead of time, too. Expect to pay from 60 per night in a double room in a pension (with shared bathroom). There arent any hostels in Venlo, though.


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