Assets (Symbols and Lines)

The first thing you start with is adding additional classes for new symbols. Moving sub-classes from one class to another (e.g. the Sight Glass is now supposed to be under Hand Valves) is not possible. You have to remove the old class and create a new one under the new section.

Before you start creating properties which contain essentially all the data for your Tags, Annotations, Lists and Reports you have to think about where you create the properties.

In the picture below you see the main class structure of the P&ID section of the overall configuration.

A property created for a class will be available for all sub-classes of that class. So creating a property for Engineering Items is available for Equipment, Inline Assets, Instrumentation, Lines and Nozzles.

If you need a property be available for equipment only, then you create it for the Equipment class.

When you select Equipment class you recognize a * in front of the first six properties. This indicates that these properties are from a class above (and maybe even further up the tree).

The order of properties cant be changed.


New properties will be added at the end. The property name cant be changed either, but the Display name can. The property type cant be changed as well. If name or type has to be changed you need to delete the property and create it again.

Project & Drawing Properties

Besides the Asset properties there are project and drawing properties as well. These properties can be used for Tags and Annotations as well. Very often there you used to fill out the title block of your drawing.


Below you see the default Project properties. As you can see the values of Project properties can be typed in within Project Setup only.

The Drawing properties created in Project Setup,


can be edited by making a right-click on the drawing in Project Manager.


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