An accountant may be compared to a skilled laboratory technician who takes blood samples and other measures of a person's health and writes the findings on a health report (a set of financial statements). A financial manager for a business is the doctor who interprets the report and makes recommendations to the patient regarding changes that would improve health. Financial managers use the data prepared by the accountants and make recommendations to the top management regarding strategies for improving the health (financial strength) of the firm.

A manager cannot be optimally effective at finance without understanding accounting. Similarly, a good accountant needs to understand finance. Accounting and finance, finance and accounting - the two go together like bread and butter.

As you may remember, financing a small business is a difficult but critical function if a firm expects to survive those important first five years (the simple reality is). The need for careful financial management is an essential, ongoing challenge a business of any size must face throughout its entire life. Financial problems can arise in any type of organization. Chrysler Corporation faced extinction in late 1970s due to severe financial problems. Had it not been for a government-backed loan of $1 billion, Chrysler may have joined the ranks of defunct auto companies such as Packard.


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