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1. light beams

2. pixel number, pixel density

3. eye movements

4. director's computer

5. printing device

6. new generation computer

7. pocket-sized computer

8. handheld phones

9. high resolution display


10. high speed electronic circuits

11. computer controlled production equipment

4. .

1. pixel a. the maximum number of pixels in the horizontal

and vertical directions of the screen

2. monitor b. the results produced by a computer

3. resolution the smallest element of a display surface

4. character d. read the image as a series of pixels to enter infor-

mation into the computer's memory

5. computer e. the picture tube of the display which is made of

glass and contains a vacuum

6. CRT f. a CRT device which displays the computer output

7. image g. a symbol available on the keyboard

8. scan h. the machine that stores and processes data

9. output i. a picture or what is seen on a television or com-

puter screen

5. . :

pixel certain Web stylus chip perform CPU mouse

1. A ... is a tiny piece of silicon containing a set of integrated circuits. 2. The ... directs and coordinates the operations taking place within the computer system. 3. The arithmetic logic units ... calculations on the data. 4. The common name for picture elements is .... 5. On colour systems, each pixel is a ... combination of the three primary colours: red, green, and blue. 6. ... is a system by which one can navigate through the Internet and find news, pictures, virtual museums, electronic magazines any topic you can imagine. 7. What makes the ... especially useful is that it is a very quick way to move around on a screen. 8. A ... is a pen-like input device used to write directly on the screen to enter data.

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The next generation mobile phones.

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