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Henry Ford: Bringing the Automobile

To the Common Man.

Quiz for Automobile Experts

1. When was the first automobile with internal combustion engine made?


a) in 1862

b) in 1872

c) in 1882


2. What was its engine powered by?


a) oil

b) kerosene

c) gas


3. What is ‘ignition'?


a) a cover for the hub of a vehicle’s wheel

b) a mechanism for starting the combustion of mixture in the cylinder

c) a wheel by which a vehicle is steered


4. What is the luggage compartment of a car called?


a) windshield

b) cap

c) boot


5. What is ‘hatchback’?


a) a sports car

b) a small three door car

c) a car with a sloping back hinged at the top to form a door


6. The car tyres are called pneumatic because they:


a) are made of rubber

b) contain air inside

c) can be replaced


7. What is ‘Indy”?


a) a chiefly US motor racing competition

b) the first car made in India

c) a type of five door estate cars


8. When was the first car racing competition held?


a) in 1903

b) in 1894

c) in 1862


9. What was the maximum speed that the motor vehicles did in that competition?


a) 15 km/h

b) 24 km/h

c) 70 km/h


10. How is a car with a folding or detachable roof called?


a) removable

b) packable

c) convertible


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