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Ernest Hemingway: Tragic Genius.

Quiz for Literature Experts


1. What is ‘epigram’?


a) an ending, or an extra part after the end of a book or play

b) a short, funny, sharp poem or remark

c) something written on a tombstone, or a poem about someone after their death


2. How do they call something that has a second meaning, often the opposite, and often with a bitterly humorous tone?


a) metaphor

b) satire

c) irony


3. When was the period of Romanticism in prose?


a) late 16th – early 17th centuries

b) late 17th – early 18th centuries

c) late 18th – early 19th centuries


4. What was characteristic of Romanticism?


a) admiring wild (not man-made) beauty and feelings (emotions) – not thought

b) trying to show life as it really is

c) representing nature, character, etc. realistically and in great detail


5. Which of these American writers belongs to the Romantic period in literature?


a) Washington Irving

b) John Steinbeck

c) Ernest Hemingway

6. Who is a Transcendentalist?


a) one who believes that the “traditional” forms in all aspects of life are becoming outdated

b) one who thinks that man can find truth through his own feelings

c) one who posits that individual human beings create the meaning and essence of their lives


7. What is ‘stanza’?


a) one of the groups of lines that make up a poem

b) the writer’s introduction to his or her book

c) short piece of writing on a single subject


8. How do they call the way of describing something by saying that it is like something else using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’?


a) metaphor

b) simile

c) idiom


9. Which of these writers does not belong to the “Lost Generation”?


a) Scott Fitzgerald

b) Ezra Pound

c) James Fenimore Cooper


10. What is ‘pun’?


a) leaving out words which give the full sense

b) any kind of work written to be performed on the stage

c) play on words


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