At last, the fire was ready, and they had just started cooking eggs and sausages when Bill, Charlie, and Percy came strolling out of the woods toward them.

Just Apparated, Dad, said Percy loudly. Ah, excellent, lunch!

They were halfway through their plates of eggs and sausages when Mr. Weasley jumped to his feet, waving and grinning at a man who was striding toward them. Aha! he said. The man of the moment! Ludo!

Ludo Bagman was easily the most noticeable person Harry had seen so far, even including old Archie in his flowered nightdress. He was wearing long Quidditch robes in thick horizontal stripes of bright yellow and black. An enormous picture of a wasp was splashed across his chest. He had the look of a powerfully built man gone slightly to seed; the robes were stretched tightly across a large belly he surely had not had in the days when he had played Quidditch for England. His nose was squashed (probably broken by a stray Bludger, Harry thought), but his round blue eyes, short blond hair, and rosy complexion made him look like a very overgrown schoolboy.

Ahoy there! Bagman called happily. He was walking as though he had springs attached to the balls of his feet and was plainly in a state of wild excitement.

Arthur, old man, he puffed as he reached the campfire, what a day, eh? What a day! Could we have asked for more perfect weather? A cloudless night coming and hardly a hiccough in the arrangements Not much for me to do!

Behind him, a group of haggard looking Ministry wizards rushed past, pointing at the distant evidence of some sort of a magical fire that was sending violet sparks twenty feet into the air.

Percy hurried forward with his hand outstretched. Apparently his disapproval of the way Ludo Bagman ran his department did not prevent him from wanting to make a good impression.

Ahyes, said Mr. Weasley, grinning, this is my son Percy. Hes just started at the Ministryand this is Fredno, George, sorrythats FredBill, Charlie, Ronmy daughter, Ginnyand Rons friends, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter.

Bagman did the smallest of double takes when he heard Harrys name, and his eyes performed the familiar flick upward to the scar on Harrys forehead.

Everyone, Mr. Weasley continued, this is Ludo Bagman, you know who he is, its thanks to him weve got such good tickets


  1. A bright silver light appeared right ahead of him, moving through the trees. Whatever the source, it was moving soundlessly. The light seemed simply to drift toward him.
  2. A bundle of walking sticks was floating in midair ahead of them, and as Percy took a step toward them they started throwing themselves at him.
  3. A dark figure came bustling toward them, and Harry saw a glint of silver to the light of their wands. They had found Gryffindors sword.
  4. A roaring, billowing noise behind him gave him a moments warning. He turned and saw both Ron and Crabbe running as hard as they could up the aisle toward them.
  5. Analyse the following examples and translate them.
  6. And then a deep, booming gong sounded somewhere beyond the woods, and at once, green and red lanterns blazed into life in the trees, lighting a path to the field.
  7. And to Harrys horror, Slughorn threw out an arm and seemed to scoop Snape out of thin air toward them.
  8. And wouldnt those secluded Albanian woods have seemed an excellent refuge when, so much later, Voldemort and needed a place to lie low, undisturbed, for ten long years?
  9. As Harry entered Flourish and Blotts, the manager came hurrying toward him.
  10. As she swept over the threshold toward him, Mrs. Weasley was revealed, bobbing along in her wake, looking rather cross.
  11. At last, the desserts too disappeared, and Professor Dumbledore got to his feet again. The hall fell silent.

<== | ==>
They had reached the very edge of the wood at the top of the field, and here was an empty space, with a small sign hammered into the ground that read WEEZLY. | Bagman beamed and waved his hand as if to say it had been nothing.

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