A young witch with short blonde hair poked her head around the curtain; Harry saw that she too was wearing magenta staff robes.

Theres a customer out here looking for a joke cauldron, Mr. Weasley and Mr. Weasley, she said.

Harry found it very odd to hear Fred and George called Mr. Weasley, but they took it in their stride.

Right you are, Verity, Im coming, said George promptly. Harry, you help yourself to anything you want, all right? No charge.

I cant do that! said Harry, who had already pulled out his money bag to pay for the Decoy Detonators.

You dont pay here, said Fred firmly, waving away Harrys gold.


You gave us our start-up loan, we havent forgotten, said George sternly. Take whatever you like, and just remember to tell people where you got it, if they ask.

George swept off through the curtain to help with the customers, and Fred led Harry back into the main part of the shop to find Hermione and Ginny still poring over the Patented Daydream Charms.

Havent you girls found our special WonderWitch products yet? asked Fred. Follow me, ladies

Near the window was an array of violently pink products around which a cluster of excited girls was giggling enthusiastically. Hermione and Ginny both hung back, looking wary.

There you go, said Fred proudly. Best range of love potions youll find anywhere.

Ginny raised an eyebrow skeptically. Do they work? she asked.

Certainly they work, for up to twenty-four hours at a time depending on the weight of the boy in question

and the attractiveness of the girl, said George, reappearing suddenly at their side. But were not selling them to our sister, he added, becoming suddenly stern, not when shes already got about five boys on the go from what weve

Whatever youve heard from Ron is a big fat lie, said Ginny calmly, leaning forward to take a small pink pot off the shelf. Whats this?

Guaranteed ten-second pimple vanisher, said Fred. Excellent on everything from boils to blackheads, but dont change the subject. Are you or are you not currently going out with a boy called Dean Thomas?

Yes, I am, said Ginny. And last time I looked, he was definitely one boy, not five. What are those?

She was pointing at a number of round balls of fluff in shades of pink and purple, all rolling around the bottom of a cage and emitting high-pitched squeaks.

Pygmy Puffs, said George. Miniature puffskeins, we cant breed them fast enough. So what about Michael Corner?

I dumped him, he was a bad loser, said Ginny, putting a finger through the bars of the cage and watching the Pygmy Puffs crowd around it. Theyre really cute!

Theyre fairly cuddly, yes, conceded Fred. But youre moving through boyfriends a bit fast, arent you?


  1. A blank silence greeted Hermiones words. She looked around at all the faces upturned to her, rather disconcerted.
  2. A chill that had nothing to do with the iced champagne was stealing through Harrys chest.
  3. A dark figure came bustling toward them, and Harry saw a glint of silver to the light of their wands. They had found Gryffindors sword.
  4. A few people looked around. Rita Skeeters eyes widened behind her jeweled spectacles as she saw who had spoken.
  5. A gale of laughter from the middle of the table drowned the rest of Bills words. Fred, George, Ron and Mundungus were rolling around in their seats.
  6. A hand had appeared amongst the flames, groping as though to catch hold of something; a stubby, short-fingered hand covered in ugly old-fashioned rings.
  7. A lamp flickered on. It was Hermione Granger, wearing a pink bathrobe and a frown.
  8. A large group of people was bunched around the bulletin board when they returned to the common room.
  9. A look of cruel satisfaction on his face, Voldemort straightened up, threw back his head, and stared around at the dark graveyard.
  10. A mixture of gratitude and shame welled up in Harry. Had Lupin forgiven him, then, for the terrible things he had said when they had last met?
  11. A motherly-looking Healer wearing a tinsel wreath in her hair came bustling up the corridor, smiling warmly at Harry and the others.
  12. A pair of witches broke away from the queue for the lift and bustled off.

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He pulled a tub out of his pocket and handed it to her; she unscrewed it gingerly to reveal a thick yellow paste. | Ginny turned to look at him, her hands on her hips. There was such a Mrs. Weasley-ish glare on her face that Harry was surprised Fred didnt recoil.

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