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Adverbial clauses of condition.

Adverbial clauses of condition state the condition which is necessary for the realization of the action expressed in the principal clause. They are introduced by the conjunctions if, unless (если не), suppose, in case (в случае если), on condition that, provided (при условии что), etc.


If he is not here by the end of the week, I shall go after him. (Austen)

I do not wish you to be my wife unless you are bound to me by love.


... my father, just at the last, consented to let him teach you, on condition that

he never attempted to see your mother. (Voyhich)

I will do anything you wish, my brother, provided it lies in my power.



Adverbial clauses of condition can be joined to the principal clause asyndetically. In this case we find inversion in the subordinate clause.


...should Frank marry to-morrow, I shall have no ground for blaming him.


Had she been an Englishwoman, Artois would have guessed her to be near

fifty. (Hichens)


Adverbial clauses of concession.

An adverbial clause of concession denotes the presence of some obstacle which nevertheless does not hinder the action expressed in the principal clause.

Adverbial clauses of concession are introduced by the following conjunctions and connectives: though, although, as,l no matter how, however, whoever, whatever, whichever. In official style they may also be introduced by the conjunctions notwithstanding that, in spite-of the fact that.


1 The conjunction as introduces adverbial clauses of concession in which the predicative stands first.


I enjoyed that day, though we travelled slowly, thoughit was cold, thoughit

rained. (Ch. Bronte)

Although the young man’s eyes remained upon him, he did not speak...


Troubled as he was, he never exposed his difficulties to her. (Dreiser)

However much we may differ on the question of metaphysics, I am convinced

of your absolute integrity. (Cronin)

He went forward to meet his uncle prepared to suppress the agitation he must

feel, whatever news he was to hear. (Eliot)


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