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Exercise 1. Поставьте глагол в главном предложении в Past Indefinite и сделайте необходимые преобразования в придаточном предложении.

a) 1) She says she learns two foreign languages. 2) We know they live far from the centre of the town. 3) I believe he earns a lot of money. 4) I’m afraid they don’t know each other. 5) My friend says he works only three days a week. 6) They think English is easy to learn. 7) He says this river is polluted.

b) 1) We know she is talking to the dean. 2) He thinks his parents are sleeping. 3) They say it’s raining hard in their district. 4) Mother believes Tom is doing his homework. 5) I suppose they are going to spend their holydays in Egypt. 6) I’m afraid she is not going to tell us the truth. 7) She says she is washing up and her sister is watching television.

c) 1) She says she has known the Smiths for a long time. 2) Jane tells me she has had her lunch already. 3) I don’t know who has brought the telegram. 4) Kate says she has been to Britain several times. 5) They announce that the plane has landed. 6) I know he has been able to drive since childhood. 7) I hope he has found a good job. 8) The boss says your application hasn’t been considered yet.

d) 1)They say they received the letter yesterday. 2) She writes they moved into the new flat a month ago. 3) Mother says Jack returned an hour ago. 4) He tells us her husband met her a few days ago. 5) I know you didn’t visit Bath when you were in England. 6) I suppose they met at the Browns’ party. 7) I’m afraid he didn’t follow my advice. 8) She says these papers were delivered yesterday.

e) 1) I suppose my friend will come to the party. 2) The weather forecast says the weather will change for the better next week. 3) I’m sure our teem will win the game. 4) We hope the film will be interesting. 5) She says she will cook the dinner herself. 6) They don’t know when the meeting will be over. 7) They tell us they will be on time. 8) We hope the results will be announced tomorrow.

f) 1) George says he’ll be watching TV. 2) We know they’ll be waiting for us at the entrance to the theatre. 3) I suppose Ann will be wearing her new dress tomorrow. 4) He doesn’t know what he’ll be doing tonight. 5) I think they’ll be quarrelling again. 6) The children hope they’ll be having a good time with their granny.

h) 1) The teacher says her students will have finished the test by 11 o’clock. 2) I promise I will have returned the book by Saturday. 3) They are sure they will have improved their English by the end of the term. 4) She says she will have learnt to drive her car by summer. 5) We suppose they will have repaired the house by that time. 6) He tells her he will have given up smoking by her return.

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