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Exercise 5. Learn the use of the prepositions.

at night

in the autumn

on the 15th of May

on Tuesday

in the afternoon

on Tuesday evening

in June

at the weekend

on New Year

in time

on time

Exercise 6. Complete the sentences with in, at, on.

1. We have a lot of big orders … May.

2. The office closes for three days … New Year.

3. There is an important meeting … the 15th of June.

4. The CEO visits our branch … the summer.

5. We deliver large goods … Monday afternoons.

Work in pairs.

When are you very busy during the day, week, and year?

What are the quiet times?

A: When are you busy during the day?

B: I am very busy in the morning.

A: What are the quiet times for you?

B: Business is quiet in the summer.

Exercise 7. Read the following texts.

Person 1

Well, what important for me is a high salary, long holidays and helpful colleagues. I only have two of these in my present job!


Person 2

What’s important for me is a friendly boss, travel opportunities, oh, and a large office.


Person 3

I want to be a salesman, so what’s important for me is a company car, a mobile phone and a laptop computer of my own.


Person 4

Fast promotion, flexible hours and some sports facilities are what’s important for me.

And now complete the sentences.

1.Tom says friendly colleagues are more important than a h… s….. .

2.I can start work at 7:30, 8:30 or 9:30. I’m really glad I can work f……. h…. .

3.Her job has a lot of t….. o………… . She goes to a different country every month.

4.When I travel on business, the company pays for my meals and my hotels. It’s so easy when you have an e-… and a l….. c……., and, of course, a c… .

5.My company has a gym, a swimming pool and many other s….. f……… .

6.All our sales representatives use c…… c… to visit customers.

Exercise 8. Read the dialogue and make your own ones.

I:So, what’s your job?

A: I’m assistant project manager.

I:And what exactly do you do?

A: I spend a lot of time with our clients, I make a lot of phone calls and I write lots of e-mails.
What hours do you work?
Well, it’s a 9 to 5 job, but I usually arrive at 8:30, and I often stay until 6, sometimes later.
How often do you have breaks?
When I am not too busy, I sometimes have a short coffee break at 10:30 and at 3:30. and then there is lunch, of course.

I:When and where do you have lunch?
Lunch is at 12:45. I never miss it! Our cafeteria is very good.
What do you not like about your job?
The hours are too long, but it’s all right. I love my job, and my colleagues are fantastic.


Work in pairs.


Exercise 9. Read the article.

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