Read the text again and complete the sentences.

1. Many ICs are static sensitive and can be damaged when you .

2. Integrated Circuits are usually called .

3. link the chip to the pins.

4. It is usually adequate to earth your hands by .

5. Commercially produced circuit boards often have .

6. , otherwise you will bend and possibly break the pins.

7. You can make an earthed work surface with .

8. The IC is pushed into the holder when .

9. because your body may have become charged with static electricity.\

10. which can be safely soldered onto the circuit board.

Match the terms in Table A with their definitions in Table B.

Table A Table B
1. chip 2. circuit 3. pin 4. solder 5. screwdriver a. the complete circle that an electric current travels. b. a soft metal, usually a mixture of lead and tin, which can be melted and used to join two metal surfaces, wires etc c. a tool with a narrow blade at one end that you use for turning screws. d. a small piece of silicon that has a set of complicated electrical connections on it and is used to store and process information in computers. e. one of the pieces of metal that sticks out of an electric plug.



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