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Read the text, translate it and give the definition to heat.


Nature of Heat

Heat has much to do with molecular motion; and from the fact that it is able to melt ice, vaporize water and cause bodies to expand, we may well suspect that it is at least closely related to some form of energy. There are many simple experiments which may be performed to support this inference:

1. Try rubbing the face of a button or a coin rapidly against a piece of cloth or wood for a minute or more. It becomes hot.

2. Rapidly bend a rather stiff piece of iron wire back and forth about ten times and then feel the place where the bending was pro­duced. It becomes very warm.

3. Give the end of a nail or a piece of lead a dozen blows with a hammer and then try to detect the heat produced.

These are only a few of the many ways in which heat may be gen­erated at the expense of the work done by the person who performs the experiment. That is, energy is given up by the person and heat appears. A moving train or automobile loses its kinetic energy when the brakes are applied; but an examination of the brakes and wheels will show that energy has been converted into heat.

On the other hand, heat is constantly used in engines for hauling trains, running machinery, and performing work in many other ways. Therefore, the conclusion is that the heat energy is a form of energy [2, С. 84].


Read and translate the text, answer the questions below it.

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