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Task 2. Discuss these questions with your partner.

1. What kind of people do you think still live in a traditional economy today?

2. Where do they live?

3. What are their lives like?

Task 3. Chose the correct answer A, B, or C from the list below:

1. Although we can buy meat in the shops, some people still like to_________ animals as a hobby.

2. _________ is another word for extra things that are not needed.

3. There are still _________ of people living traditional lives in the rainforests of South America.

4. In most modern societies, _________ like celebrations and dances have disappeared.

5. Corn and wheat are two _________ that farmers grow in their fields.

6. One of the _________ of playing sports is that you keep fit.

7. One of the _________ of living in a city is the noise.

8. Many African countries suffer from regular _________ when no rain falls for months.

9. Heavy rain causes _________ in many parts of Europe each year.

10. East Asian countries are well known for their __________ industries such as computers and cameras.

11. Exercises and sports at school are sometimes called _________ education.


1. A chase B hunt C eat

2. A surplus B goods C shortage

3. A customs B tribes C pygmies

4. A parties B patterns C customs

5. A crops B animals C foods

6. A goods B disadvantages C benefits

7. A drawbacks B benefits C customs

8. A floods B droughts C hurricanes

9. A floods B droughts C hurricanes

10. A agricultural B heavy C technology

11. A physical B mental C fun


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Text 2. The traditional economy. | Text 3. The market economy.

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