Think of other more colourful, but less polite ways of saying that a company has gone bankrupt.

1.14. Financial English uses a lot of metaphors based on liquids. Complete the sentences below using these words in the correct form:

verbs: channel dry up flood flow
  pour run out of swim trickle down
nouns: drain ebb and flow pool source
adjective: awash      


1. After the merger, the new company will be able to draw on a huge of resources.

2. Because of the new high interest rates, money is into Germany.

3. If we dont find a new of funds, we are going to money by Christmas.

4. If private funding really does , we will have to turn to the government for help.

5. Right-wing governments tend to argue that if you cut high tax rates, the rich will consume more and invest more, and wealth will to the poor.

6. The government says that the property market is with laundered money from the drug cartels.

7. There is a constant of money in and out of the system.

8. Were as much money as we can into this project, millions in fact.

9. Weve sunk millions of pounds into this factory. Its been a real on our resources.

10. We believe that the government should be more cash into education.

11. We have a liquidity problem; more money is out of the business than into it; in fact, were haemorrhaging money.

12. When you look round their head offices, you get the impression that theyre in cash.

1.15. Complete the following. All the phrases have something to do with water. When you have filled in the gaps, underline the complete phrase:

Crest, depth, under, fluid, sank, plug


1. You never hear about BNA. They without trace about 3 years ago.

2. Nobody knows whether the take-over is going ahead or not. The situation is very at the moment.

3. The banks have been riding on the of a wave for longer than anyone expected.

4. No wonder some of the smaller merchant banks have gone . Some of them had no proper system of control.

5. They waited too long before they pulled the on that outfit in Singapore.

6. Youre the derivatives expert. Im totally out of my here.

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