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V. 1. Complete the chart below with the information from the list.

Peugeot Benetton container ship operator American Express French

Japanese Italian drug and chemical maker drinks supplier


Company Main activity Nationality
Cisco Systems Internet equipment supplier American
Bacardi Martini   Spanish
  Car manufacturer  
  Travel and financial services provider American
Bayer   German
  Clothing manufacturer  
Sony Electronic goods maker  
AP Moller-Maersk   Danish


Make sentences about the companies. For example

Cisco Systems is an American IT company which supplies internet equipment.

Now talk in the same way about one of the companies you know.


Past simple and present perfect

Answer the questions about the sentences below.

1. She has worked in Warsaw for six years.

· Does she work in Warsaw now?

2. She worked in London for three years.

· Does she work in London now?

Which sentence uses the past simple? Which uses the present perfect?

We use the past simple:

· to talk about completed actions which happened in the past.

Example. They worked last weekend to meet the deadline.


· to refer to a definite moment or period in the past.

Example. They made the presentation on Monday.


The present perfect connects the past and the present. We use the present perfect:

· to talk about past actions that affect us now.

Example. Our company has just introduced flexitime and everyone’s delighted.


· to talk about life experiences.

Example. I’ve worked with many companies during my life.


· to announce news.

Example. The CEO has appointed a new management team.


I. Cross out the incorrect sentence in each pair.

1. The role of women changed dramatically over the past 100 years.
The role of women has changed dramatically over the past 100 years.

2. He has worked as a Sales Manager since 1999.
He worked as a Sales Manager since 1999.

3. I resigned two months ago.
I have resigned two months ago.

4. Sales have increased in recent years.
Sales increased in recent years.

5. Have you ever been to a stress counsellor before?
Did you ever go to a stress counsellor before?

6. I have seen the Marketing Director last week.
I saw the Marketing Director last week.


II. Write the time expressions from the box under the correct heading.

so far two years ago ever in 1999 yet just yesterday for the past two weeks already never last Monday during the 1990s over the last few years since 2001 when I was in the university
Past simple Present perfect

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II. Match the words from the list and their corresponding definitions. | III. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about the subjects below.

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