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III. What would you say in the following situations?

1. You don’t hear someone’s name when you are introduced to him/her.

2. You have to refuse an invitation to dinner with a supplier.

3. You are offered food you hate.

4. You want to end a conversation in a diplomatic way.

5. You have to greet a visitor.

6. You have to introduce two people to each other.

7. You offer to pay for a meal.

8. You have to propose a toast.

9. Your colleague has been made redundant.

10. You arrive half an hour late for the meeting.


IV. Listen and check your answers to task III.


V. What can you say in the first five minutes of meeting someone? Choose the best answer in the right-hand column for the questions in the left-hand column.


1. Is this your first visit to the Far East? a. At the Peninsula Hotel.

2. Oh really. What do you do? b. Nearly ten years.

3. How long have you been there? c. No, I come here quite often.

4. Have you been to Hong Kong before? d. No. This is my first trip.

5. Business or pleasure? e. I’m the Marketing Director for a

small import-export company.

6. How long have you been here? f. Business, I’m afraid.

7. How long are you staying? g. Till tomorrow night.

8. Where are you staying? h. A week.

9. What’s the food like? i. I really like it. There’s so much

to do.

10. So, what do you think of Hong Kong? j. It’s very good, but eating in the

Peninsula can be quite expensive.


VI. Listen and check your answers to task V.


VII. In your opinion, which of these items of advice for a successful

Conversation are useful and which are not?

1. Listen carefully 5. Ask questions

2. Give only yes or no answers 6. Stay silent

3. Interrupt a lot 7. Keep eye contact

4. Be polite 8. Be friendly



Socializing and entertaining

(Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 9 Recording 9.5, 9.6, 9.7)

I. Socializing is an important part of good management. When socializing for business in your country, how important are the following?

1. being on time

2. the way people dress

3. how you address people (first names or family names?)

4. giving gifts

5. shaking hands/kissing/hugging/bowing?


II. Rachel, who is from the UK, is on a business trip to Russia. Alexandra is a Russian business contact. Listen to their conversation. Then answer these questions.

1. What does Alexandra invite Rachel to?

2. Does Rachel accept?


III. Complete this extract from the conversation in Exercise II.

RachelWell, it’s very ____ ____ ____(1), Alexandra, but I

think I’d like to relax at the hotel tonight, ____ ____(2)

don’t ____(3). I’m a bit tired, quite honestly.

AlexandraAre you sure? You’d really enjoy it.

RachelIt’s very kind of you, but perhaps ____ ____(4).


IV. Marta is being entertained by Sven, who works for the company she is visiting on a business trip to Sweden. Listen to their conversation. Below are the answers to three questions. What were the questions?

1. Well, Marta, people like to be in the open air.

2. I usually watch television.

3. Well, generally I spend time with my children.


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Article C | V. Listen to another conversation between Sven and Marta. What did Sven do to entertain Marta?

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