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An international trade fair

Three cities are competing to be the venue for an international trade fair to be held next summer. You are planning to write an article for a national magazine to persuade the readers that one of the cities, Urbania, is the best choice. Organize the information about Urbania into categories: transportation, location, facilities, weather, trade and industry.


1. an international airport 20km away

2. a good network of roads to other parts of the country

3. several top-quality restaurants

4. doesn't usually rain in the summer

5. only 30 minutes away from capital city

6. average summer temperature is 24°C

7. a 20-hectare site ready for re-development

8. a mountain range about 5km away

9. hotel accommodation for 20,000 visitors

10. the centre for gold marketing and jewellery making

11. an excellent public transport system

12. a world famous computer manufacturer based in the city

13. only 10km from two international borders

14. a very low level of air pollution because of coastal winds

15. many private cars

16. snows heavily in the winter

17. famous for its boat-building industry

18. lots of shops

19. on the coast

20. a university

Look at categories. In your opinion, which two are the most important, and why? Compare your answers with a partner.

Link the information and write a short paragraph for each category:

Visitors can get to Urbania very easily because the international airport is only 20 kilometres away. When they are in the city, they can travel around quickly as there is an excellent public transport system, furthermore, visitors can get to other parts of the country because Urbania has : a good network of roads.

Read the introduction to an article about Urbania. Add your own paragraphs from the previous task. Link each paragraph to the next.

Why Urbania should hold the international trade fair

This article will demonstrate that Urbania is the best choice to hold the trade fair. It has excellent transport, is in a perfect location, and has first-class facilities. It also has important businesses and industries.

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