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Jesus Christ founded the Christian …. . He began His teaching in Palestine, instructing and …. to people about the Kingdom of …. . He travelled around the country with a group of …. called disciples. He chose 12 disciples, called …., to preach His doctrine. Like the Old Testament …., Jesus insisted upon justice toward men and …. toward God. He also preached mercy and the …. of men, and told of the love of …. for all …. .

The Jewish religious …. of Jesus’ time did not approve of His claim that he was the Messiah, or the promised …. of the Jews. They considered this action to be …. . The Roman authorities feared that He meant to lead an …. against Roman rule in Palestine. As a result, He was tried, …. to death, and …. .

After the death of Jesus, His …. scattered in fear. However, they soon reassembled. One after another of them, beginning on the first …. morning, reported that they had met Jesus alive. This rising from the …. is called the Resurrection, and forms one of the basic …. of the Christian faith. According to …. teaching, Jesus remained on earth for 40 days after His …., and then …. into Heaven.


4 Choose the right answer:

1. The nicer conducted the …. in the church.

a) class b) lecture c) meeting d) service

2. They say that the ghost of a nun …. the convent at night.

a) displaces b) haunts c) parades d) shivers

3. The …. listened attentively to every word of the preacher.

a) audience b) congregation c) sightseers d) spectators

4. Early man used to …. the sun, moon, trees and stones as his gods.

a) admire b) consider c) serve d) worship

5. The Hindus are forbidden by their …. to kill cows and eat beef.

a) belief b) confession c) doctrine d) religion

6. In Britain, members of the …. usually wear a special white collar that fastens at the back of the neck.

a) church b) clergy c) priests d) vicarage

7. Although he never claimed to be …., he attended church every Sunday.

a) holy b) moral c) religious d) spiritual

8. Do you really believe in the …. of the evil eye?

a) being b) existence c) occurrence d) realism

9. They are so concerned with …. day-to-day problems that they never stop to think about God.

a) agnostic b) devilish c) mundane d) skeptical

10. Priests like to remind us that life is …. .

a) passing b) short-term c) temporary d) transient


5. Translate into English:

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