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Choose the right answer.

1. The.....sentenced the accused to 15 years in prison.

a) barrister b) counsel c) judge d) solicitor

2. If you can't resolve the dispute, it will have to be settled by......

a) arbitration b) court c) election d) referee

3. His comments.....little or no relation to the facts of the case.

a) bear b) give c) possess d) reflect

4. They all thought he was guilty, but no one could.....anything against him.

a) accuse b) ensure c) point d) prove

5. It has been decided to hold a Public.....into the cause of the accident.

a) Autopsy b) Examination c) Inquiry d) Interrogation

6. To protect victims of blackmail their names are often.....in court.

a) covered b) erased c) hidden d) not given

7. The youth involved in the disturbance at the demonstration made a(n).....to the police.

a) account b) notice c) statement d) summary

8. I.....to say anything unless I am allowed to speak to my solicitor.

a) deny b) neglect c) refuse d) resist

9. I should like to call two.....who can testify on my client's behalf.

a) witnesses b) onlookers c) passers-by d) spectators

10.You are surely not suggesting that these.....young children could have planned such an evil deed.

a) innocent b) lovely c) natural d) pure

11. The case against Mary Wrongdoer was.....for lack of evidence.

a) discarded b) dismissed c) refused d) resigned

12. The new law comes into.....on May 15.

a) condition b) date c) force d) power

13. The.....question in this case is whether the accused had a motive for this crime or not.

a) crucial b) forcible c) supreme d) valuable

14. The driver admitted that the accident was partly his own......

a) blame b) cause c) evil d) fault

15. In fact, the murderer was.....from the country before extradition proceedings could be started.

a) barred b) deported c) exported d) interned

16. The suspect man has a.....on his right cheek.

a) point b) scar c) sign d) trace

17. It is a criminal offence to.....the facts.

a) express b) oppress c) repress d) suppress

18. After a close cross-examination, the barrister was.....his client was telling the truth.

a) content b) glad c) happy d) satisfied

19. At the end of the trial he was.....of murder.

a) condemned b) convicted c) convinced d) penalized

20. All ….. barristers are expected to study at the Inns of Court.

a) hopeful b) prospective c) willing d) wishful

22. Choose the correct verb to fill the gaps in this paragraph. Use each verb once only and put it in the correct form:

Break introduce obey

Observe uphold enforce

Respect act pass

In law-abiding societies ordinary citizens are usually happy to 1….. or 2….. the law. But there are rather different societies where most people feel that it is not such a serious matter to 3….. the law. In such places, people do not seem to 4….. the law and even the most honest of citizens does not expect always to 5….. within it. The rulers of such societies have no difficulty in 6….. or 7….. new laws but the police have considerable problems when it comes to 8….. or 9….. those laws.

23. Match the headlines from a local newspaper with the first lines of their stories:

1. Juvenile crime rising 4. Police target vehicle theft

2. Drug abuse scandal 5. Pensioner robbed

3. Petty crime continues 6. Crime figures out today

a) 80-year-old Marianne Roberts had her house broken into and some money and jewellery stolen while she was asleep in front of the TV last night.

b) An increasing number of young people are getting involved in criminal activity according to a report published yesterday.

c) So many cars have recently been stolen in the city that the police are launching a special campaign to tackle the problem.

d) A detailed report on crime in the UK is to be published later today.

e) Small-scale robberies remain a significant problem in this area and police are concerned that the problem may soon become more serious.

f) A number of TV celebrities have been named as having attended a party where illegal drugs were being openly used.

24. Translate into English:

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